Amit Sharma

Amit has a degree in Interaction Design from National Institute of Design, India. Currently, he designs Mixed Reality Experiences as a part of the Mixed Reality at Work (MRW) team at Microsoft R&D.

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Future of CRM

As a part of the Dynamics 365 team. The theme of the project is to envision the future of CRM systems. Leveraging on Office 365, Cortana Intelligence Suite, various Microsoft products, Microsoft and LinkedIn graph.

Duration : 24 weeks
At : Microsoft R&D
Module : Masters Degree Project

Project Alpha

This project was done as a part of a semster module, Design Project - I at NID which focused on various aspects of research, research methodologies and design processes to understand, ideate and create relevant solutions for the selected user group.

Duration : 9 weeks
At : National Institute of Design
Module : Design Project - I

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The ubiquitous computing module focused on understanding its definition, attributes and goals. The brief was to design a tabe top device that would solve any everyday problem keeping in mind the attributes of Ubicomp.

Duration : 2 weeks
At : National Institute of Design
Module : Ubiquitous Computing

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Savings Spotter

Walmarts Saving's Spotter is a chrome extension by Walmart. The task was to understand the online user behaviour, compare - understand similar competitor products and re-design this extension to drive traffic to

Duration : 3 weeks
At : @WalmartLabs
Module : Summer Internship

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Mind Trip

As a part of our Design Project - II at NID, the focus was on designing an application for Virtual Reality. Mindtrip was conceived from the notion of story telling challenges in VR. It allows users to recreate, share and view dreams.

Duration : 6 weeks
At : National Institute of Design
Module : Design Project - II

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A fun pet project that took shape over an everyday conversation with a friend. Disturb is an application that lets you send audio files over to anyone that play out loud when received, no matter the state of your phone. World War - III, Maybe?

Duration : 1 week
At : National Institute of Design
Module : Self Initiated

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